What are the types of disposable cups?

Update:02 Aug 2017

   A. corrugated cup    1, overview    Corrugated glass […]

   A. corrugated cup
   1, overview
   Corrugated glass is a kind of application in the daily consumption of disposable paper cup container is advanced, shape, the outer layer is arranged corrugated paper cup wall, has very strong insulating effect, is a new type of paper cup further improved on the basis of disposable cups.
   2, material
   The cup is usually composed of corrugated paper and corrugated paper film. Corrugated cup used film paper is divided into single and double film paper coated paper, coated paper thickness usually used in 218 grams to 300 grams. Corrugated glass used in corrugated thickness of 280 grams to 340 grams range
   3, the scope of use
   Corrugated cup is mainly used in high-end coffee shops and high-end ice cream shop, the main use of the market in Europe and America countries, the annual global consumption of corrugated cups in 1 billion. Corrugated cup in the domestic market, showed a rapid increase trend, especially in recent years, in the domestic large and medium-sized city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places have been high-end corrugated cup beverage market, many food choices as the product packaging corrugated cup. According to the 2008 consumer product administration statistics, the domestic corrugated cup consumption of 50 million per year. At present, there are still about 1 billion 500 million market gaps in the market, and there is a huge space for the development of corrugated glass in china. ,
   B, hollow cup
   1, overview
   Hollow cup is a kind of disposable cups, it is hollow and has a thermal insulation function, which is double, but not as a double cup, but the gap so called hollow cup between two layers, hollow cup quality greatly more than ordinary paper cups. The service life of the hollow cup is much higher than that of the ordinary paper cup or single layer paper cup.
   2, the scope of use
   The use of hollow cup is also more extensive, generally used in milk tea shop, milk shop, cold drink shop, snack bar, coffee house, dessert house, as well as restaurants, hotels.
   C, single cup
   1, concept
   Single cup is a kind of disposable cups, also known as single side coated paper cup, paper cups is that a layer of PE film layer is used to smooth cup containing drinking water, convenient for people drinking.
   2, raw materials
   Made of food grade wood pulp paper + food grade PE film
   D, double cup
   Double cups, as the name suggests, refers to the paper cup is double, there are two layers. The quality of a double paper cup is better than that of a single paper cup. Double layer paper cups also last longer than single paper cups. It can also be used to fill hot drinks, such as hot coffee.
   E. Coffee cup
   1, overview
   Now many coffee shops are using disposable cups to drink coffee, but the quality of this paper is far higher than the average disposable cups, regardless of the quality of its safety or cups are good in ordinary cups. The weight of the paper cups, their straightness, and the weight of the paper are higher than those of the ordinary paper cups.
   2, raw materials
   Food grade wood pulp paper + food grade PE film.http://www.petcup.cc/