The requirements for the choice of cup material

Update:29 Aug 2017

    We know that paper cups are used to hold liquid con […]

    We know that paper cups are used to hold liquid containers, and the liquid is usually eaten food category, so from here we can understand the paper cupboard produced by the paper cup must meet the food safety requirements.
    Then the paper cup machine in the choice of raw materials when the cup is also need to take into account the materials used to meet the food requirements.
    First of all, the paper cup cup material is a food level, therefore, its paper material is best to choose the base paper rather than secondary processing of paper materials;
    Times, to choose does not contain or meet the corresponding industry standards of fluorescent material paper material, must not because of low prices and select the fluorescent material content of excessive paper materials. This excessive substance has a great harm to the human body.
    Finally, the cups produced by the paper cups are filled with liquid, so the paper material must have a certain water resistance and pressure resistance, so that the paper cup machine in the cup is not easy to damage and leakage and so on.
    Usually, the paper cup in the production process will be through the paper cup machine PE film treatment, this treatment to the inner layer of the cup to add a layer of intima, to high temperature, water.
    If the paper cup machine on the cup is used in the wax processing, the need for special instructions on the packaging, indicating that this cup is suitable for containing low temperature liquid, high temperature liquid is not applicable.