Production paper cups need to pay attention to the problem?

Update:25 Sep 2017

   Need to be mainly the following three issues, which […]

   Need to be mainly the following three issues, which is inseparable from the relationship between consumers, specifically the following three points
   First, the quality of paper cups
   Quality is the minimum requirements for a qualified product, the quality is not good to the customer's retention rate, the second rate of sales, etc., and even because of quality problems smashed the store, the company's signs.
   Second, the paper cup style
  Style and design, faced with the paper cup market can get a place, good style and design can quickly become popular in the market, become a single product bare hands, paper cups actually have such characteristics.
   Third, the price of paper cups
   What kind of price is the most reasonable, the most profitable space? Buyers and sellers of the word. In fact, and paper cup manufacturers have inextricably linked, if the factory price is low, then the market price will decline.