Precautions for using disposable paper cups

Update:06 Nov 2017

Although disposable paper cups easy to use, but there a […]

Although disposable paper cups easy to use, but there are many hidden problems. Here we introduce some of the use of disposable cups need to pay attention to the matter.
1, poor quality paper cups with recycled polyethylene, in the re-processing process will produce cracking changes, resulting in many harmful compounds, almost every family and unit will prepare disposable paper cups, one for one, throw away, sanitation and convenience.

2, the past is the most used stencil cup, it is soaked in wax, can only be installed cold drinks, can not contain oil because the oil can dissolve the wax. Wax will melt at about 40 ℃, while wax containing carcinogens polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Now the most common is the paper cup, the outside is a layer of paper, which is a layer of coated paper, is an internal polyethylene plastic film. Although the outer layer of paper, but the contact with food is the inner plastic film, so this cup is defined as paper cups or plastic cups, there is controversy. In testing, both the detection of paper and plastic quality testing. Without wax, people may find the paper cups safe. In fact, it has the most risk factors.

3, the general market will often see a vendor selling paper cups filled with baking pastry soup, but some experts said that the maximum heat resistance of the paper cup is only 100 degrees, absolutely can not afford the oven bake, Drinking this kind of paper cup baking pastry soup, will drink plastic, cause liver and kidney burden.