PP material, PE material and PET material

Update:13 Nov 2017

PP: Odorless, tasteless, non-toxic. It is one of the li […]

PP: Odorless, tasteless, non-toxic. It is one of the lightest resins in common use. Excellent mechanical properties. Good heat resistance, continuous use temperature of up to ll0-120 degrees. The chemical stability is good, except strong oxidant, does not work with most chemicals. Water resistance is particularly good. Excellent electrical insulation. But it is easy to aging and has low impact strength at low temperature. Application fields are used to make injection molded products, films, pipes, plates, fibers, coatings, etc.. Widely used in household appliances, steam, chemical, construction, light industry and other fields.
PE: polyethylene is tasteless and non-toxic. Chemical resistance, insoluble in solvent at room temperature. Low temperature resistance, the lowest use temperature -70 ~ -100 degrees. The electric insulation is good, the water absorption is low. The physical and mechanical properties vary with density. Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is mainly used in high pressure (110 ~ 200MPa) and high temperature (150~300) free radical polymerization. Others use low-pressure coordination polymerization, and sometimes the same device can produce density 0.87 ~ 0.96g/cm3 polyethylene products, called full density polyethylene process technology. Polyethylene can be made into film, wire and cable sheath, pipes, hollow products, injection molding products, fibers and so on. Widely used in agriculture, packaging, electronic and electrical, mechanical, automobile, household goods etc..
PET:PET is milky white or light yellow, highly crystalline polymer with smooth and lustrous surface. Has excellent physical and mechanical properties in a wide temperature range, long-term use temperature is 120 degrees centigrade, excellent electrical insulation, even under high temperature and high frequency, the electric performance is still good, but poor corona resistance, creep resistance, fatigue resistance, wear resistance, good dimensional stability. As a packaging material PET advantages: (1) good mechanical properties, impact strength is 3~5 times of other films, good folding resistance. Resistant to oil, fat, dilute acid, dilute alkali, resistant to most solvents. The advantages of high and low temperature performance, can be used for a long time at 120 degrees Celsius temperature range, short-term use of resistant to high temperature of 150 DEG C, -70 resistant to low temperature, and high and low temperature effects on the mechanical properties is very small. The permeability of gas and water vapor is low, and it has excellent performances of gas resistance, water, oil and odor. High transparency, can resist ultraviolet light, good gloss. The non-toxic, tasteless, good safety, can be directly used for food packaging.