Polyurethane elastomer widely used in China need to accelerate development

Update:09 May 2017

Polyurethane elastomer application more and more widely […]

Polyurethane elastomer application more and more widely, product variety grades continue to increase, the scale of production is growing, diversified momentum is positive, in the national economy and social production and life plays an important role. China's demand for polyurethane elastomers also increased year by year, but some key raw materials still rely on imports, is not conducive to the further development of the polyurethane industry. The future to accelerate the localization of key raw materials to produce excellent performance, low prices of raw materials.
Polyurethane elastomers are typical multi-block copolymers with excellent properties such as high elasticity, high hardness, high strength, good abrasion resistance, low temperature resistance and flex resistance. Not only that, polyurethane elastomers or ideal for making green tires and tires green.
According to the agency released the "China Polyurethane elastomer industry market demand forecast and investment strategic planning analysis report" concluded that the performance of polyurethane elastomers mainly to a wide range of hardness, performance adjustable range, excellent wear resistance, processing methods and diverse five Aspects.
Although the polyurethane elastomer has a strong performance, but there are also shortcomings, the main drawback is the endogenous heat, high temperature performance in general, and intolerance of strong polar solvents and strong acid and alkali media. In addition, at room temperature, alcohol, acid, ketone will make polyurethane elastomer swelling and degradation, chloroform, dichloromethane and other solvents will make polyurethane elastomer swelling.
However, the flaw does not cover, polyurethane elastomer is still excellent performance of polymer materials, can be widely used. Common products are pouring polyurethane elastomer, architectural polyurethane elastomer, mechanical manufacturing with polyurethane elastomer, medical polyurethane elastomer, polyurethane roller and so on.
For example, the construction of polyurethane elastomer will give full play to the polyvinyl chloride elastic body light, shock absorption is good, anti-aging characteristics, in the high-speed rail on the pillow to be promoted, but also gradually replaced the traditional asphalt linoleum waterproof material.
In addition, due to the high strength of polyurethane elastomers, wear resistance, biocompatibility, no plasticizers and other characteristics, in the medical polymer material occupies an important position, has successfully developed a tracheal tube, plugging agent The
Overall, the application of polyurethane elastomers is very broad prospects for the rapid growth of global consumption year by year trend. It is expected that in the next few years, the global consumption of polyurethane elastomer consumption will remain at around 7-8%. Among them, the automotive industry and footwear industry will be the main consumer market, is also the fastest growing two major areas.
In summary, with the new technological progress and new materials to promote the application of polyurethane elastomers will continue to expand the future development of a huge space, prospects can be expected.