PET polyester plastic cup application and development

Update:24 May 2018

PET polyester plastic cup application and development   […]

PET polyester plastic cup application and development
 Polyester Application Overview
Polyester is a general term for thermoplastic saturated polyesters represented by PET, including PBT, PEN, PCT and their copolymers. Among them, PET is the earliest developed, the largest production, the most widely used polyester products, such as polyester plastic cups. In the field of packaging, the development of polyester, particularly polyester plastic cups and other packaging containers, is the most attractive. Now, more than 20% of PET has been used for packaging materials, and it has been increasing year by year. The packaging industry has become the second largest consumer of PET.


PET polyester plastic cup overview
PET cup is one of the most representative products in polyester plastic cup, and its application range includes almost the entire hollow plastic container field. PET cup refers to a plastic material called polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is composed of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol. After the resulting polymer. Usually called polyester plastic cups, polyester plastic containers, PET plastic packaging containers can also be.


PET polyester plastic cup features
Because PET can be easily cooled to obtain a substantially amorphous, highly transparent, easily stretchable PET product, PET can be used as a packaging material for both biaxially oriented and amorphous cups. The billet gives a high-strength, high-transparency stretch blow-molded cup, which can also be directly extruded or blown into a non-stretched hollow container. This PET PET plastic cup is lightweight, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, transparent, oil-resistant and hygienic, resistant to impact, and not easily broken. It prevents carbon dioxide gas from entering the cup.


PET polyester plastic cup application
As PET polyester plastic cups have many functional characteristics, PET plastic cups have gradually become the main packaging products in the beverage industry. Mainly used in: beverages, mineral water, carbonated beverages, fruit juice, fruit milk, yogurt, functional beverages, dairy beverages, alcohol, edible oil, soy sauce vinegar, condiments and other packaging. The polyester plastic cup is not limited to the food industry packaging, it has outstanding performance in pesticides, pharmaceuticals, daily chemical products, chemical reagents, industrial and agricultural packaging.


Polyester plastic cup custom service
There are countless manufacturers that produce polyester plastic cup tablets in China, and only a handful of professional, all-round, one-stop polyester plastic cup custom-made service manufacturers are available. Beijing Plastics Plastic Packaging Factory has been engaged in customizing PET polyester plastic cups with various specifications and styles for decades. It has stable high-quality raw material supply channels, advanced technology, perfect management system, and good corporate reputation. In order to meet the needs of every customer, we provide one-stop services ranging from polyester plastic cup design, mold manufacturing, LOGO engraving, advertising color printing, to packaging logistics and after-sales service, and tailor-made unique PET packaging products for your products. Rapidly increase the advertising effect and added value of the product and let it sell well.