Paper cups also have cold cups and hot cups

Update:22 Aug 2017

   Paper cups are also hot and cold points. Usually we […]

   Paper cups are also hot and cold points. Usually we use the disposable paper cups can generally be divided into cold cups and hot drinks cups two, they perform their duties, once the "dislocation", it may threaten the health of consumers.
   In addition, disposable paper cups in the production in order to achieve the effect of water, will be coated with a layer of polyethylene in the inner wall of the diaphragm. Polyethylene is a relatively harmless chemical in food processing, it is difficult to dissolve in water, no poison, no taste. However, if the material used is not good, or the processing process, but in the case of polyethylene heat or applied to the paper cup, may be oxidized to carbonyl compounds. Carbonyl compounds are not volatile at room temperature, but when the paper cup is poured into hot water, it may evaporate, so people will smell the smell. Long-term intake of this organic compounds, adverse health, and some poor quality paper cup manufacturers using recycled polyethylene, in the re-processing process will produce cracking changes, resulting in many harmful compounds, into the water after the harmful health. The state banned the use of recycled polyethylene for  food packaging, but because recycled polyethylene cheap, some small factories to save costs, still illegal use.
   The use of advertising paper cups are also skilled, because the phosphor, ink permeability is strong, will pollute the food, the first glass of water try not to drink, first with boiling water about four or five minutes after the water drained, so that the paper cups of harmful substances Volatile. In addition, disposable paper cups or instant noodles cartons try not to use in a microwave oven.