Paper cup small knowledge

Update:02 Jan 2018

Paper cups are often stacked together in the sales proc […]

Paper cups are often stacked together in the sales process, sealed in plastic packaging, though visible and touching, but people generally don't know the quality. Here, the packaging factory recommends several ways to choose paper cups.
Look at the label of the package
Generally, paper cups should be sealed in plastic packaging bags, and the packaging bags should not be damaged. The paper cups with tight packing are easy to be polluted by the environment, and hygiene is not guaranteed. The product packaging should indicate the name and address of the production enterprise, the implementation standard of the product, the date of production and the period of validity. The technical performance of paper cup products should be carried out by the QB/T2294-1997 paper cup standard, but the hygienic index must be carried out by GB11680-1989 "hygienic index of raw paper for food packaging".
Look at the appearance
The shape of the paper cup should be broad and should not be deformed. In addition, we should choose a cup with a better cup. The paper cup with a bad cup is very soft by hand. After pouring water or drink, it will be seriously deformed when it is ended. It can not even get up and affect the use. When choosing paper cups, the hands can be squeezed gently on both sides of the cup, and it can be roughly known that the cup body is very good or bad.
Look at the health situation
The cup is in direct contact with the mouth, and the health is particularly important. The contents of heavy metals, fluorescent brighteners and some pathogenic bacteria were stipulated in the hygienic index of raw paper for food packaging. The sanitary condition of paper cups can only be accurately detected in laboratories. Consumers cannot judge from appearance. They should try to buy regular products from regular stores.