How to ensure the dimensional accuracy of plastic products?

Update:11 May 2018

How to ensure the dimensional accuracy of plastic produ […]

How to ensure the dimensional accuracy of plastic products?

What are the factors related to the size of plastic products? How can we control the size of plastic products within the tolerances required by the product? In summary, there are four main points:

First: The size of plastic products is in one-to-one correspondence with the size of plastic molds. We can look at the method for determining the size of plastic molds. There is a relationship between the product size and the size of plastic molds. In short, we must ensure that plastic products The dimensional accuracy, first of all to ensure that the size of the plastic mold to meet the accuracy requirements. To ensure the dimensional accuracy of plastic products, we must first produce high-quality plastic molds.

Second: The impact of plastic raw materials on plastic products is also very large. We choose the raw materials to be as good as possible in terms of shrinkage performance and stability. The shrinkability mainly includes the material's thermal shrinkage, elastic recovery, plastic deformation, post shrinkage and aging. Shrinkage, etc., and once the shrinkage performance is unstable, it will cause the size of the product to be large, small, and large.

Third: After the injection molding process, after determining the correct and stable molding parameters in the trial mold phase, the injection molding parameters cannot be arbitrarily adjusted. The molding parameters will change, and the product size will change accordingly.

Fourth: measuring time, plastic products in the injection molding, should be completely cooled after the size measurement. The resulting size is the most certain.

The above four points are internal factors that affect the size of plastic products. In addition, there are some external factors, such as factory equipment, technical level, etc. Some small-scale processing plants can find the reason. Because of technical equipment problems, no matter how they are modified, they cannot reach the product. Tolerance requirements. Therefore, when we choose plastic products manufacturers, we must choose a well-equipped, strong technology, plastic products manufacturers with quality certification, should not be fooled to choose a small processing plant.