How to distinguish paper cup quality

Update:18 Sep 2017

   Generally at the time of purchase is mainly to obser […]

   Generally at the time of purchase is mainly to observe the appearance of the characteristics of the method to identify the cup, and good paper cups will be the following test quality inspection:
Functional test: test whether the cup can be filled with liquid, such as water.
Performance test: test paper cup paper is thick enough and not easy to deformation.
Pressure test (load test): liquid filled with paper cups will be bad.
Recoverability test: after the liquid into the liquid after the paper cup can be restored to the original
Strength test: paper cups for some time after the liquid will soften damage.
Appearance test: paper cup shape is beautiful, the pattern is beautiful
Ease of use test: paper cups feel good when used, taste is good, will not pierce.
Safety test: full of water After picking up the cup, the cup will be deformed to the liquid spilled on the user.
Paper cups to identify common sense
In the purchase of disposable cups, pay attention to the following points:
First, look at the product packaging should indicate the name of the production company, QS production license and number, manufacturer address, product implementation standards, production date, validity and other information. Packaging is too poor, the printing is too rough the best not to buy.
Second, should choose the shape of full, no wrinkles, there is a certain thickness, not easy to deformation of the product, if the cup is too soft or cup tear is very easy to break, then most of the substandard products.
Third, smell a smell if there is smell, if the opening of the paper cup packaging taste great, mostly due to the use of low-toxic enterprises in the production of toxic reasons.
Fourth, do not covet the color of the white paper cups, the color of the white paper cup is likely to join the fluorescent material. It is not easy to be decomposed, excluded, savings in the body will affect the normal development and growth of cells, serious cell mutation will occur, weaken the immune system, endangering human health. Therefore, experts recommend: paper cups, or a little lighter color.