How to choose food packaging

Update:20 Nov 2017

so as to "see, smell and feel" One, See if there is any […]

so as to "see, smell and feel"
One, See if there is any breakage of the outer packing, whether there is a QS label for food production license, whether it is marked with a definite production and shelf life;
Two, Smell any odor of food packaging, especially packaging in direct contact with food, such as supermarket Deli of disposable lunch boxes and cling film, if the bags have a fragrance, but also the best food packaging must be careful, because some tasteless, volatile flavor may contain excessive amounts of packaging bags;
Three,  it is said to be a hand to feel the food packaging, use hand wipe, to see if the fade out, to see if the easily damaged. In addition to the safety of food itself, we should also pay attention to whether food packaging is safe or not. Because packaging will also affect the food, so as to bring the hidden dangers of physical disease.