How to check the quality of disposable cups?

Update:09 Aug 2017

   Disposable cups to environmental claims, in people's […]

   Disposable cups to environmental claims, in people's objective eyes are to pay attention to hygiene, clean representative, but now disposable cups of quality problems can not be ignored. In fact, choosing a disposable paper cup also has the skills. As long as you follow a few steps, it's not difficult to exclude an unqualified advertising paper cup from your shopping basket.

   The three step to identify the quality of the paper cup: first, choose a disposable paper cup, must follow, see, pinch, smell three steps.

   First, choose the disposable paper cups, paper cups do not just look at the color white, do not think that the color white is health, some manufacturers in order to make the advertising cup cup looks more white, adding a lot of fluorescent whitening agent. Once these harmful substances enter the human body, it will become a potential carcinogenic factor. Consumers in the election of paper cups, as far as possible in the light according to a picture, if the advertising paper in the fluorescent lamp blue, then proved that the fluorescent agent exceeded the standard, consumers should be careful to use.

   Secondly, it can be used to test whether the cup is soft or not, and whether it will leak or not. In addition, to choose the cup wall thick stiff paper cup factory, the cup body thin paper cups pinch up very soft, pour water or drink, end up will be severely deformed, even end up, influence. General quality paper cups can hold water for 72 hours without leakage, and the quality of half an hour will water seepage.

   After that is the smell, encountered in the color of the cup wall, first to smell whether there is ink flavor, be careful of ink poisoning. Paper cups are stacked together, and if damp or contaminated, the mold must be formed, so the paper cups must not be used. In addition, some cups will print colorful patterns and words, when the disposable cups stacked together, the outside of the cup will inevitably affect the ink wrapped outside the inner cup, and ink containing benzene and toluene, is harmful to health, it is best to buy disposable cups no less outer ink is printed or printed.