High-pressure fan bearing the main reason for the exception

Update:02 Jan 2018

Both sides of the vane with a fixed sleeve and bearing […]

Both sides of the vane with a fixed sleeve and bearing seat fixed with. Re-commissioning occurred on the free end of the bearing temperature, high vibration value of the fault, open the bearing turn cover, hand slow rotary fan and found in a specific position of the bearing roller bearings, non-load area also scroll. This confirms that the running clearance of the bearing is high and the mounting clearance may be insufficient. As the left and right bearing span, to avoid the shaft deflection or bearing installation angle of the error is difficult, therefore, the use of large-scale automatic adjustment of the spherical roller bearings.
Bearing internal clearance with the tightness of the increase with the decrease, can not form a lubricating film, when the bearing operating gap due to temperature drop to zero, if the heat generated by the bearing operation is still greater than the dissipation of heat, the bearing temperature that is Will quickly climb, then, if not immediately shut down, the bearing will eventually burn, bearing inner ring and shaft with tight bearing abnormal high temperature is the reason.
These are the causes of the fan bearing problems, but also users of the fan in the process of more tangled issues, since we find the cause of the problem, then the solution to the problem of the method will be able to find the treatment, the withdrawal of tight Set, re-adjust the tightness of the shaft and the inner ring, replace the bearing after the gap to take 0.10mm. Re-install the fan restart, the bearing vibration values and operating temperatures are back to normal.
Bearing internal clearance is too small or poor design and manufacturing precision parts, are the main reasons for the high temperature of extension bearings, in order to facilitate the installation of fan equipment; repair and maintenance. In general, the design uses more sets of tapered bore bearings Ring with the bearing, but also easy because of the installation procedure on the negligence of problems, especially the appropriate clearance of the wedge.