Global TPU film market 2024 will grow to 51.69 billion yuan

Update:09 May 2017

A recent report noted that the global compound annual g […]

A recent report noted that the global compound annual growth rate of the TPU film market will reach 6.8% between 2016 and 2024, and the estimated value will increase from $ 28.68 billion in 2015 to $ 51.69 billion in 2024.
The global market for thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films dominates in a small number of large and mature TPU film brands and dominates the high level of competition.
Due to the capital-intensive production process, the market has been able to allow new entrants to enter the Gulf, the situation is expected in the next few years will remain unchanged.
Major suppliers will build partnerships through mergers and acquisitions with promising future players in the major regions to expand their location and add new technologies and products to their portfolios.
The leading suppliers of the global market for thermoplastic polyurethane films are BASFSE, Huntsman, CovestroAG, Polyol Polymer (Fujian) Co., Ltd., Lubrizol Corporation, Huafeng Group, Dong Cao Company, Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. , And other limited companies.
In terms of product variety, this report examines polyester TPU, polycaprolactone TPU, polyether TPU. Among them, the field of polyester TPU in 2015 occupy the world's largest TPU film market share, accounting for the global market revenue and the largest share of value.
During the reporting period, the polycaprolactone TPU sector is expected to expand the average compound growth rate of about 7% at the most promising rate.
From a geographical point of view, the TPU market in Europe is currently a major contributor to global market revenues due to the high demand for the mature automotive industry. The Asia-Pacific market is the fastest growing, as the region's growth in car production is extremely promising.
Significant growth in production and consumption in emerging economies such as India, Brazil, China, Russia and South Africa is one of the key factors that are expected to increase the overall intake of TPU films over the next few years.