Food packaging hazards

Update:27 Nov 2017

Beautifully packaged equals safety? Perhaps many people […]

Beautifully packaged equals safety? Perhaps many people will give recognized conclusions, but in the expert view, it is far from the case.
Food packaging hidden dangers, often appear in unexpected places.
Bright colors, ink into hidden trouble. Vivid colors mean using more ink, which increases the chances of heavy metals and solvents in the ink migrating into and out of the bag. Once the harmful substances invade the contents of the package, it is bound to cause great safety problems.
Snack toys, dangerous. In order to attract children to buy, more and more snacks will be accompanied by small toys. These little toys are mostly packed in a thin plastic bag, mixed with snacks. This can easily lead to plastic bags and toys snack grease reaction precipitation of harmful substances, if the plastic bag rupture, plastic toys will also pollute the snacks.
Plastic can not be hot food, greasy food. Now people use a lot of plastic bags, some, such as polyethylene, polypropylene is a safe plastic, can be used to hold food, but many restaurants, early sale stalls use most of the plastic film can not contain foodstuffs of PVC processing And into. Use them just installed frying the fritters, hot pasta, it may lead to exudation of harmful substances, over time can easily lead to chronic poisoning.