Do not use cheap, inferior paper cups

Update:11 Dec 2017

Now a lot of manufacturers producing paper cups, but re […]

Now a lot of manufacturers producing paper cups, but really able to do for the sake of customers is very small. We can see in the market price of paper cups in the 4-5 minutes, so the quality of paper cups is very poor, the manufacturer's profit is indeed very limited, or even low to a box of goods (2000 only earn 0.50-1.00 yuan. It is questionable whether health and quality can be ensured at every stage of production. . And paper cups used because of the thin cup body deformation easily, hot water will be hot and so on. There is a big security risk. In particular, enterprises should not use inferior paper cups, which will affect the company's image. The paper cup mill is obliged to provide quality reports and certifications. Regular manufacturers are obliged to provide the client with quarterly hygienic inspection reports of products provided by the national health department to ensure the hygiene of paper cups.