Do not buy disposable cups with weird smells

Update:18 Dec 2017

What is the common sense of disposable paper cups? Nowa […]

What is the common sense of disposable paper cups? Nowadays, the use of paper cups is getting wider and wider. When other people come to their homes for personal convenience, they often use disposable paper cups to pour down the tea. Perhaps we all think this is more "hygienic", but we usually do not find some Paper cups filled with hot water, it will emit some special weird smell, because this unpleasant paper cups in production in order to achieve waterproofing effect, will be coated with a polyethylene inner wall insulation film. Polyethylene is the safest chemical in food processing, it is difficult to dissolve in water, non-toxic, tasteless. However, if the selected material is not good, or the process is not relevant, the polyethylene may be oxidized to a carbonyl compound during hot melt or application to a paper cup. Carbonyl compounds are not volatile at room temperature, but can volatilize when the paper cup is poured into hot water, so people can smell it. Although there is no research to confirm whether the carbonyl compounds released from the paper cup will cause any harm to the human body and what malignant diseases can be caused. However, from a general theoretical analysis, long-term ingestion of such organic compounds must be harmful to the human body of.