Disposable plastic cups and paper cups which is good?

Update:12 Sep 2017

   Hot summer, drink milk tea, frozen drink more and mo […]

   Hot summer, drink milk tea, frozen drink more and more, those milk cups, frozen cups, gift cups and other disposable plastic cup in the end is what kind of material to do it?
   Plastic cups and paper cups which is good? Is the plastic cup, because the paper cup has a layer of wax, water a hot wax will melt in the water and into the body, and wax can not be digested by the body, the paper which also contains soluble organic elements In the inside to strengthen the strength of the paper, poor quality and smell, harmful to the body. But there are a lot of plastic cups are not harmful, is to use polyethylene or polypropylene they are non-toxic organic elements, but that the cost is much higher.
   How to use milk cups Material: These disposable plastic cups are usually made of PP material, the bottom of the triangle in the figure is 5, this material toughness is good, affordable, safe non-toxic, suitable for hot and cold drinks, can be assured to use.
   Some plastic cups are made of PET material. The number in the triangle at the bottom of the cup is 1. The material is relatively high in transparency and high in cost, safe and non-toxic. It is only suitable for cold drinks, not hot drinks.A lot of friends are made of paper, but they can be fixed by adding wax. It is bad for human body to reach certain temperature when heated.
   To sum up, the selection of PP material milk tea cup, the cost is relatively good.