Disposable paper cup test

Update:15 Aug 2017

Functional test - test whether the cup can be filled wi […]

Functional test - test whether the cup can be filled with liquid, such as water.
Performance test - test paper cup paper is thick enough and not easy to deformation. Can be concerned about the thermal conductivity, weight, you can use several times
Paper cup factory detailed - sub-paper cup test steps
Stress test - the liquid is full of paper cups will be bad.
Recoverability test - whether the paper cup can be restored after loading the liquid and pouring it out of the liquid.
Strength test - paper cups for some time after the liquid will soften damage.
Appearance test - paper cup shape is beautiful, the pattern is beautiful.
Ease of use test - paper cups feel good when used, taste is good, will not pierce.
Safety test - full of water After picking up the cup, the cup will be deformed to spill the liquid on the user.
Functional test - paper cup is not necessarily only liquid, right? Can also put a lot of other things, if put the shape of strange things, whether it will break the paper cup.