Disposable cups to buy common sense

Update:16 Oct 2017

   Disposable paper cups are easy to use and sanitary, […]

   Disposable paper cups are easy to use and sanitary, which are the necessities for many families and offices. The consumption is more and more big, and the quality of products is uneven. It is suggested that consumers should choose the following aspects when choosing such products:
   1  mark. Consumers in the purchase of disposable cups, should choose QS signs and certificate number of products, the use of raw materials and production processes, the environment can be guaranteed.
   2  packaging. General paper cups should be sealed in plastic packaging bags, packaging bags should not be damaged, packaging paper cups are not tight enough to be contaminated by the environment, hygiene can not be guaranteed. The name, address, execution standard, date of production and validity of the product should be marked on the product package. The technical performance of paper cup products should be carried out by QB/T2294-1997 "paper cup" standard, but hygienic index must be carried out GB11680-1989 "hygienic index of base paper for food packaging".
   3  appearance. Paper cups should be broad and should not be deformed. In addition to choose a cup body better degree of paper cups. The cup is very bad, and the paper cup is very soft.    When it is poured into the water or the beverage, it will be deformed and even can not be used when it is finished. When choosing a paper cup, you can gently squeeze the cup on both sides of the cup, and you can know the stiffness of the cup.
   4  odor. When buying disposable paper cups, it is better to smell first, and the weak paper cups emit pungent smell, which is not suitable for purchase. In addition, the paper cup soft, light can see impurities, are low quality paper cup products, after use will have an impact on human health.