Clever identification of disposable plastic cups

Update:25 Jul 2017

   The advantages and disadvantages of disposable plast […]

   The advantages and disadvantages of disposable plastic cups can be identified by means of "one look and two hearings".
   Look: In addition to look at the packaging on the production company name, address, date of production, but also to the light to see whether the bottle wall is transparent, pure.
Poor quality plastic products washed not clean, will be fat sticky astringent; if there is blue or impurities do not buy the best;
   Smell: no pungent odor;
   Touch: good plastic container thick, good hardness, hand pressure inward will not be excessive deformation; poor feeling soft, may be inferior products?
   Tip: the use of disposable plastic cup, it is best to use the first hot water, so that the plastic cup of harmful substances in the full evaporation of plastic often add plasticizer, Which contains some toxic chemicals, plastic cups with hot water or boiling water when the toxic chemicals are very easy to dilute into the water and the internal microstructure of the plastic has a lot of pores, which hide the dirt, cleaning is not easy to breed bacteria.Therefore, in the purchase of plastic cup, we must choose in line with national standards of food grade plastic cup.