Choice of disposable paper cups

Update:05 Mar 2018

Select the brand of paper cup long products. There are […]

Select the brand of paper cup long products. There are lots of paper cups on the market. They don't have their own production base, but they are looking for other paper cups to sell paper cups. Customers may also get good quality paper cups from customers, but if there are problems, middlemen often can't provide solutions, because middleman is impossible to control the whole production process. This can easily cause a lot of trouble for yourself, especially the company's customers. The best way to distinguish whether a direct manufacturer is a direct supplier is to require its own business license and production health license.
The problem of water leakage in paper cups. The production of paper cup is production line, the number of demand per unit customer is mostly more than tens of thousands. From the objective point of view, it is unavoidable that there are a very few other water leaks in the thousands of paper cups. However, if the number of leaky paper cups is too large to exceed the tolerable quantity, consumers can make the request for returning products to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer should return it for customers without any conditions.