About paper cups

Update:23 Oct 2017

PE coated paper: the production of paper cups, paper co […]

PE coated paper: the production of paper cups, paper coated paper. PE...

PE: polyethylene;

PE film is in sheet with coating machine (machine) with a layer of PE (polyethylene) film;

Single PE coated paper: there is only one PE coated paper single-sided PE coated paper, paper cups are the common single film

Double PE coated paper: paper on both sides of the PE film paper called double PE coated paper;

Paper weight: refers to a square meter of paper weight unit:? G / m2;

PE weight: refers to a piece of film on the PE square meters of weight; (generally 10-20 grams / square meter)

PE coated paper paper weight: weight + PE coating weight, weight of single coated paper (paper weight +PE grams);

Double PE weight coated paper (paper weight + PE + PE on the other side of a weight weight)

The cup is generally divided into: single and double sided PE PE coated paper cups coated paper cup "is a single or double P cup P Cup"

PE: single side coated paper cup with one side PE coated paper production of paper cups called single PE cup (the common market cup, advertising cup most are single PE coated paper cups), in the form of paper cups filled with water: the side has a smooth PE film;

PE double coated paper cup: double PE coated paper production of paper cups called double PE cups, form: PE coated paper cups both inside and outside.

Paper cup size: we measure the size of a paper cup with an ounce of OZ, such as 12 ounces, 9 ounces, 6.5 ounces, 7 ounce paper cups on the market

Ounce (OZ): ounce is a unit of weight, which represents the capacity of 1 ounces of capacity equal to 28.34 ml of water, which can be expressed as 1 ounces (OZ) =28.34 ml (ML) =28.34 grams (g)

Paper cup General specifications: in China, we call 3--18 OZ size cups called paper cups, and conventional paper cups can be produced on our LBZ-LI or LBZ-L paper cup molding machines.